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Featured Act: Lucky T.A.G.S.

Lucky T.A.G.S is from Guntersville, Alabama. She is so unique and original, because she has her own sound. She loves the fact, that she doesn't sound like anyone. Her energy is so awesome, that everyone she comes in contact with, is drawn to her. Her personality, is...

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Featured Act: FoE Mello

FoE Mello is a hot diverse artist from Worcester, Massachusetts with various different sounds and voices that he uses to tell real life stories in his music. Find FoE Mello's music on all major music platforms!

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Featured Act: The Keymakers

Meet The Keymakers - the duo musical project from Rome Alexander and Rederic. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, the two brothers now live together in Boston. Though very close from an early age, the two worked on music almost completely independently until 2016. Since...

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Featured Act: Leslie Carron

Leslie Carron is a songwriter and session singer from London, ON. She comes from a family of musicians and has been making up songs ever since she could speak. She is currently working on many new musical projects and is preparing to perform in a local musical called...

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Featured Act: Corey Turner

Representing the city of Jackson, TN, artist Corey Turner has already begun making some major moves opening up for acts like R-Kelly, Justin Beiber and Usher. "[I] want to bring something new to music." - Corey Turner Catch his single, "Belle Fille" in rotation Now!...

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Featured Act: The Beat Armada

The Beat Armada is a beat production team from the Pacific North West with a goal of bringing artists from the area together to create dope music. Spotify: The Beat...

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