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Featured Act: Taesounds

Philly Native. Creator of Dankhouse Records. Audio-Engineer with a love for the aesthetic of rhythm and sound. Taesounds has been creating music since the age of 11. His single mother was 15 when she had Taesounds. Taesounds was always encouraged to follow his musical...

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Featured Act: Stephanie Harris

Get It In While You Can," is a dance record that makes you sing, dance and laugh. It also reminds us to love, pray and forgive. It's great for parties, birthdays, nightclubs and picnics. It's has that Washington, D.C. rhythm and beat, to an R&B sound. Check the...

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Featured Act: Swishjot

Sukhjot Thind or Swishjot is an up and coming independent artist. The California native has racked up an impressive 21,000 plays on soundcloud with only 2 songs. He has then moved on Spotify and Apple music platforms to try and repeat his past success.Check his new...

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Featured Act: Lil Audii

Check out the latest Global Urban Radio Featured Act, Lil Audii.Check his new single, "By All Means" below and in rotation this month and be sure to follow his IG at: Lil Audii - "By All Means"

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Featured Act: Larriet Emari

Larriet is a singer, songwriter, producer, composer, and the President of multi-entertainment company Ha La Entertainment. Larriet Emari Poteat was born on August 4th 1994 in Wayne, New Jersey to Teyonka and Larry Poteat. They moved to southern California when she was...

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Featured Act: Lord Conrad

Lord Conrad is a DJ, Music Composer, Songwriter, Dancer, Model, Aesthetic Guru, Personal Trainer, Trader, Influencer and TV personality born in MIlan Italy. With an intense passion  for technology and videogames too. A multitalented artist, Lord...

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