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Featured Act: Michael Bright

Michael Bright is an 18-year- old singer that was Born in Toronto and raised in Brampton on with the passion for music. Growing up he had many influences in music like Chris brown, Usher, and Michael Jackson at a very young age of 7. Since then he has performed at...

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Featured Act: The Collab

The Collab is an ill collective of talent based in Nashville, TN. We've been playing their hot single, "Han Solo" in rotation the past week and it's been a fan favorite. Be sure to follow The Collab on Twitter @sensei_dasenpai and IG @Senpai.senseilit and request...

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Featured Act: Lil Afrika

"We are set to release Reggae/Pop artist Lil Afrika's debut album on 3/16. The 17 song album is filled with uptempo feel good songs. Lil Afrika shows great versatility as the album mixes Hip Hop, Pop and R&B with his Reggae flair. We are looking to promote this album...

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Featured Act: Truth

Born and Raised on the West side of San Antonio, TX.  Growing up I listened to Gucci mane, & Drake, I wanna say those are my main inspirations, but now with this whole new generation, I added a boogie with a hoodie, pnb rock, & the migos.    I got into music as a kid,...

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Featured Act: 24Kay

24Kay is a Versatile Artist. He’s known to do various amounts of Genre’s. The Arising Star also haves a clothing line on the way. He’s been through so much over the years he’s striving to finally get what he deserves. He haves what it takes to become the next biggest...

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Featured Act: Big Choowy The Don

The sound produced here is that production from Bigg Moon UPT, he has worked with Big Choowy The Don on such tracks as " The Whole Club Bouncen , Trappen which Featured The Cartier Boys and Buggy and Sauce of the Backyard Band. Big Choowy The Don reached #94 on...

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