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Featured Act: Cherryibee (London)

UK recording artist Cherryibee (pronounced “Cherry-bee”) released her debut single “Did Me So Rotten”. The single shares her experiences of navigating success through jealousy and being held back by the ones who should be supportive. Cherryibee first began her career...

Featured Act: Krishaun Fritz

Featured Act: Krishaun Fritz

Born and raised In Detroit, Michigan Krishaun Fritz has been making music since middle school. Inspired by stars like Jeezy he'd met backstage at shows, he' now brings his own flavor to the industry. He's been growing a following on social media,. Krishaun has been...

Featured Act: Drew Lines

Featured Act: Drew Lines

While confined to a boy's prison, Drew Lines wrote over 500 poems as a manner of self-expression. This drew the attention of The International Poets Society and led to the publication of his written work. Now, Drew Lines is the newest added member to the Stryker...

J-Props Debuts New Single and Merch Line

J-Props Debuts New Single and Merch Line

J-Props is an emerging hip hop artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He began writing lyrics ten years ago after he realized that his words were much more powerful than just a collection of poetry. This was the beginning of a meaningful relationship that J-Props...

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