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Rap artist and songwriter Agon has recently announced a brand new studio release: “Fake People“. This song is in line with the artist’s distinctive approach, an outlook on music that makes him stand out from other rappers out there. While some hip-hop artists seem to only look at superficial topics such as fame and bling, but Agon has a much deeper connection with his audience, inspiring them and motivating with meaningful lyrics that might genuinely make a difference in their life. Not only that, but his songs are killer too! “Fake People” is a perfect example of what I am talking about. The music is extremely punchy and energetic, but Agon has developed a different approach to hip-hop, which highlights his ability to capture the more melodic elements of the genre, while never compromising in terms of energy and vibe. This song in particular feels like a really insightful outlook on relating to people. In our lives, we often find ourselves stuck in dealing with many fake people. Some people might act one way when they’re right in front of us, but then act completely different when our backs are turned, pretty much being snakes and not really rooting for us. This song is an encouragement to attract good people instead of these snakes. How can you do that? The best way is to be yourself. Just stay true to who you are, and by the law of attraction, you’ll be able to attract genuine, good and like-minded people. The song features some of the artist’s most genuine and factual lyrics to date. It features wise observations such as “Fake people destroy you,” and they actually really could if you let them dominate your life too much.

There are also some clever observations about fake-ness in the music business: “Your song about to drop, they know it’s a flop, but they tell you it’s bumping.” Many artists can relate with so-called friends saying that they support their music, but in reality, they actually don’t. The song structure is very dynamic, with some choruses that are catchy and spontaneous, serving as some perfect counter-points to the verses. Find out more about Agon and do not miss out on this excellent new release, which is available now.


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