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CommonCelestials just released their debut album. The duo, consisting of Jazz-Purr and Jtrey are a diverse group with many different sounds and styles. Their debut album has almost everything from country to EDM to Rap.

We hope to continue our musical journey and keep making more diverse songs and have fun making music,” says Jazz-Purr

On “Tangled”, Jazz-Purr and Jtrey go back and forth trying to convince a special someone to give them a chance. The thought of them tangles their mind as butterflies arise from the depths of their gut. They sit and gaze off into the Arizona sky just waiting for their reply.

On “Seaside”, Jazz-Purr is telling the girl of his dreams how absolutely sweet their life on the beach will be if she chooses to meet him on the seaside at high tide in the moonlight. This tracks unique beat and flow really make this song stand out on the album.

Listen to the album below on Spotify or click here to buy on iTunes/Listen on Apple Music.

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