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New Orleans will always have a place in hip-hop history for the Hot Boyz era, but Double Jeapardi is breathing new life into the city’s scene. The duo, consisting of Rich Status and Blu Mariee, are no stranger to the industry, each building impressive solo careers and studying the legends of the game. Capturing the unfiltered lyrical content of a Tupac Shakur and the smoothness of a Michael Jackson or Aaliyah, the group combines some of the best aspects of modern-day rap instrumentals with their own unique experiences as a hustler and an exotic dancer, respectively. Together, they view this year as the perfect time to strike. With a new project, movie, and branding opportunities lined up, they aim to throw New Orleans back into the conversation of hip-hop’s epicenters while putting the real back into hip-hop.

Splash is a summer anthem party vibe with a sexual content it’s the perfect drink in your ears. Listen below and in rotation this month here on Global Urban Radio,