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The sound produced here is that production from Bigg Moon UPT, he has worked with Big Choowy The Don on such tracks as ” The Whole Club Bouncen , Trappen which Featured The Cartier Boys and Buggy and Sauce of the Backyard Band.
Big Choowy The Don reached #94 on Digital Record Tracker Charts in the 4Th Quarter of 2017 with a highly acclaimed Remake of This Christmas Which featured the Dynamic Vocals of Kieth Keys Percussion from the Go Go Icon “Jungle Boogie” Hip Hop Vocals by DCs Own Big Choowy The Don Like That Records C.E.O. Recorded, Produced. Performed,,Mixed and arranged by Bigg Moon UPT, Recorded at American U by. Engineer Rell.
Andre Papa Latimoe C.O.O. Like That Records.