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Florida proudly presents: Chazieray Smilez!!! A voice that may sound familiar from the 2020 debut of the Eternal Passage duo, Chazieray Smilez returns with the debut single “Sunshine Paradise” from the upcoming EP “All Smilez”. Born 12/29, the captivating Capricorn assures us there is much more to come from the “World of Invocative Thought”. One journey through “Sunshine Paradise” and it’s clear as to why and how, he became, Mayor Gifford! Sure to be a grown folks favorite, All Smilez is a beautifully blended, musically delicious feature produced EXCLUSIVELY by Matt Kern of London, U.K., a member of the home town based band Lemonteeth. We won’t say how many track titles the EP will include, BUT… can be stated and confirmed that each track is an exclusive work, which contains not only Matt’s knowledge and abilities in the world of music, but his passion, his love, and his dedication to the artform. Much more to come (and you still won’t see it coming), so by all means, stay tuned.

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