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Music was always the answer to many people’s lives. Some even went as far as pursuing a career from the love they have for music. This is the case with Da-Mind also known as his birth name James Bussey. A South Beaufort South Carolina native, now living in the Atlanta Georgia area. Music was his love, at the age of 8 he began writing and his words expanded! The journey began, and dedication came with it.

Hip-hop has always been defined as a negative lifestyle amongst various critics, but Da-Mind has a different approach. The vision that he saw was different from everyone else’s. Rappers sporting expensive chains, clothes and flaunting the life of luxury wasn’t what James was attracted to. The culture is what his aim was. Making a change and bringing positivity out of the dark underworld of the hip-hop culture. Da-Minds message is something that everyone should witness.

Da-Mind speaks to his audience with a message that the street life is nothing but a way to destroy peoples lives and instill negativity from all aspects. Changing one’s mindset is a challenge, but music has a way of slipping past that barrier and inflicting knowledge into the listener. Da-Mind speaks for the streets, tells the stories that we love, but portrays a whole different side of what we know as “Hip-hop”. Life lessons have brought Bussey to this point. With passion for change, Da-Mind attracts audiences that want to posses the knowledge that this young artist has. Doing what he loves, and bringing a new aspect to the culture, his movement seems endless, but with the right mindset, passion, and dedication the work will become worth it and the impact known worldwide. Da-Mind knows what to expect on his journey and is up for the challenge, and when the right minds meet each other the message is clear.

Enter into the mind of Da-Mind with his latest single “No Drama” check it out here

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