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Impacting with superstar status is production-duo Illuminati Beatz’s latest single, “Life Is”. It features rap icons, Bun B, Gudda Gudda, and Project Pat; whom all fuse to create one dirty south bodyslam of a record. There’s so much Cadillac-worthy crank in the instrumental alone; which is divided into two halves. Side A follows Bun B, as he in his grimey, Texan drawl, provides the chorus for the record. An airy, tension-building synth plays within the foreground of the beat, lined by traditional, Southern 808 kicks, snares and claps. It’s a slow, easy listen that will lure you into a sense of tranquility; all for Gudda Gudda to bounce out of the cut and go in for the kill. This is where Side B comes into play, and it is a lot more dynamic than its predecessor. Although, he maintains the same, powerful drum loop, extra attention is paid to the melody of the beat. An intricate, yet devilish organ progression torments the buzz of a groovy, accompanying synth. This change in energy for the beat perfectly encapsulates Gudda’s own, whose New Orleans delivery comes stern and trill. Three Six Mafian, Project Pat, has it no differently on his verse, either. With the instrumental being identical to Gudda, Pat has no qualms giving us every bit of that dark, Memphis lyricism and flow we’ve all grown to love. “Life Is” is, without question, a powerhouse of a record that JByrd, The Sho, and the entire Dirty South should be proud of. With already 1.7 Million views to date on Youtube, it is only a matter of time before Billboard calls their name.
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