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Inferno King started music and his music production business Immortal Creations in early 2000 with his brother Charles. Due to the tragedy of his brothers passing, Inferno King of Immortal Creations struggled to find a way to cope with his brother’s death and even more he was there to witness such this horrible thing. Having constant flashbacks of his brother’s so-called best friend pulling the trigger on the one person he loved most Inferno King found a way to channel his pain, and turn it into something positive. Starting music with his brother then losing him to such senseless violence motivated him to make music even more. Some would call it turning tragedy into an art form. IK is here to show everyone just what the power of music can do when using it correctly. Someone’s testimony or message can save someone’s life, just like music has saved Infernos life. In 2016 Inferno King released his hit single, “When I Meet You Again” a song dedicated to his brother Charles while also providing light to anyone else that’s struggling with the loss of a loved one.