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J-Props is an upcoming hip-hop artist/rapper from Pittsburgh, PA. He spent his childhood days on the baseball field up until high school. Basketball was also a big part of his life as he invested 8 hours a day on the court at times. Not until J-Props graduated from business school with an associate’s degree in graphic design management did he start to experiment with producing and recording music. Somehow taking an interest in writing poetry during his college years awakened a hidden creative talent from deep within. This was the beginning of a meaningful relationship that J-Props swears to live by as he transforms his powerful words into a work of art. 

Everything from old school traditional hip hop to hardcore rap, you will find as part of his collection. You will also find Hip Hop infused Rock, Metal, R&B, Club & House music elements throughout.  J-Props  can also play keyboard and electric guitar, but his focus is hip hop and rap music. Welcome to Voice My Weapon Productions.

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