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Larriet is a singer, songwriter, producer, composer, and the President of multi-entertainment company Ha La Entertainment. Larriet Emari Poteat was born on August 4th 1994 in Wayne, New Jersey to Teyonka and Larry Poteat. They moved to southern California when she was 4 where she was raised. She was their third child and only girl. Larriet grow up around music all of her life watching her father and learning from his amazing talent. At the age of 13 she found her true passion, music. She started perfecting her gifts and the journey began. She produced and wrote her first songs at 15 including one of Lorence Michaels top selling songs ‘I Can Fall In Love With You’. Along with music, she developed a passion for business. Larriet also took the time out to learn and practice film directing and editing. Larriet operates Ha La Entertainment alongside her team and is grooming the company to be one of the most recognized within the music and entertainment industries. She is a young entrepreneur. Her debut album is to be released in 2019.