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Music, like the world, changes with the times. As the music industry grows and evolves, artists are finding it harder to box themselves into mainstream categories as per management’s wishes. Artists like Larry Brock prefer to be left uncategorized rather than be fitted into an arbitrary box. Larry Brock is very much a modern artist. While the world wants to classify him as a rapper or singer, Larry prefers to keep his label simple and open. It is the same with his music! The artist focuses on creating music for the people, regardless of genre and rules. The artist’s creative and unique sound can be heard in his latest EP, ‘AnR Dreams,’ which stands for Artist notta Rapper. While the EP isn’t out yet, we have sneak peeks of the songs from the artist himself! Larry says he touches on nuanced topics, such as the pain of loving the wrong person, the importance of family, and so on. He describes the sound as being therapeutic. He says the smooth vocals and catchy adlibs will hold any listener, and before they know it, the song is over. His own faith in God is as unrelenting as his need to heal people with the help of his music. Larry Brock’s new EP drops ARPRIL 2nd. Larry’s music and information available here and his various social media! STAY TUNED

Soulful yet effortless flow. Hard-hitting modern rhythms. And unmatchable hip-hop energy. Larry Brock is an emerging rap artist currently making global moves with his own style of charisma-dripped trap music.

He endeavours for all of his music to be therapeutic for listeners. Guided by a strong faith in god – as well as an unrelenting drive to give his fans all he’s got – Larry aims to heal and teach people through his songs. Touching on the more nuanced aspects of topics; such as the pain of loving the wrong person and the importance of family. Every heartbreak, every false promise, and every celebration. Each track is a chapter from life experiences.

For the past few years, Larry has been putting out his own stylish take on music videos. From soft-loving, come-up tune “THE WORLD” – that shows Larry dancing on a rooftop with emerging female vocalist, KayannaMarie. To fan-favourite and hip-hop anthem “For My People”, which acts as a battle cry for anyone else who’s going through the same struggle of trying to make something of themselves.