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Michael Bright is an 18-year- old singer that was Born in Toronto and raised in Brampton on with
the passion for music. Growing up he had many influences in music like Chris brown, Usher,
and Michael Jackson at a very young age of 7. Since then he has performed at various places like
talent shows, The Rose theatre, Bramalea city Centre, and many high school performances. He
started making music in his small studio in which he creates his own music and develops himself
as an artist. As an artist Michael bright falls into many genres like Pop and R&B and his passion
for music grows stronger each day and he is determined to work hard and to focus on making his
music to inspire people in a positive way, and Michael bright wants to entertain the world
through the love of his music.

“Your Mind”
Your mind is a song that talks about how beautiful a woman is and that its not all about the looks
and that beauty is skin deep, and in the song, I am telling her how beautiful she is and that I want
to know more about her, and to explore her mind and see that beautiful personality.