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RĀI (pronounced Ray) is a singer, songwriter in Harlem by way of SC. His music is a vibe. He infuses elements of both new and traditional R&B to create music that is timeless. RĀI’s musical roots are grounded and anchored in the emotions of southern gospel and southern soul music. He sees each song as a piece of art that is influenced more by his life and experiences and not just by what’s “hot” and “trending”. With his latest project, “Love’s on the Way” he sought to create an album with such a strong vibe that once you pressed play you would just let it ride.

The Harlem resident and South Carolina native is prepping to release his 2nd single and title track Love’s on the Way” on April 13th. When asked about the song RĀI said “That song is just a really good feel good record with a positive message. It’s a song that take elements from different times during the evolution of R&B music and produces what I hope is a timeless, uplifting R&B song. That was my goal with recording this song and the album altogether. The song was produced by producer Tone Jonez.”

The music video is set to premiere on May 4th. On the video RĀI said “The video was directed by A1 Vision. I wanted a story video that didn’t focused on the lyrics and not so much me but was true to the song. Something simple, classic and cool that made you like the song more once you saw it. Hopefully we achieved that.”

On current R&B trend versus his music: “Look. I’m a R&B singer who grew up loving how R&B music change the world and made people feel shit. I’m not changing my music to fit a radio format, or gain followers or whatever. My music is my truest expression of me. I’m trying to create music that people will want to hear next year, or the year after that and after that. If it don’t pop, it don’t pop. I am committed to making good R&B music. Period.”

The album is complete and on pre-order on all digital outlets and will be released June 8th.

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