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During these dark days of social unrest, blatant police brutality, overt racism and mass protests, reggae singer/rapper RedLyte delivers a socially conscious single that reflects the dire signs of our trying times with “Hold On My People.”

Over a melodic, mid-tempo riddim accented by a thick and lumbering bassline, heavy drums and off-beat staccato guitar riffs, he provides much-needed strength and rays of hope. In his brazen baritone, RedLyte sends a powerful message to: “Hold on my people/ Got to live life right/ Stay away from evil/ Me move like Tom Cruise, no Evel Knievel/ No mission impossible/ Move for me people.”

“My new single is a reflection of the status of the world that we live in today. Black people are being killed in the streets, and no one is paying the price” RedLyte explains. “You can’t go to bed at night without wondering if your door will be sprayed with bullets. There are many injustices happening before our very eyes, so we have to educate one another on our power.”

He continues, “The song is a reminder that now is not the time to give up. We must stay strong. We must stay together. We must educate ourselves and stand strong. Most of all, we need to spread love and share love.”

The song is so compelling that prior to its release, a brief snippet was shared on Instagram, receiving rave reviews, including acknowledgement from platinum-selling rapper The Game.

“When The Game liked my post that was a major seal of approval,” RedLyte admits. “His support will help us achieve our ultimate goal, which is to spread the message and to inspire.”

No stranger to celebrity endorsement, RedLyte has a resume that includes working with such influential artists as reggae greats Inner Circle, Damien Marley, Stephen Marley, Lutan Fire, Pitbull, Flo Rida, Beanie Man, and many more.

Born Al LaRoche in Sangre Grande, the largest town in the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago, RedLyte has music engrained in him. Relocating to the United States with his family at age seven and settling in Brooklyn, New York, he inherited his love for music absorbing the dancehall reggae music of the late 80s and 90s. Now a resident of Miami, he incorporates his Caribbean calypso and reggae roots in his along with influences from hip-hop and R&B. The result is a signature sound all his own.

“My music touches on educating the youth, understanding the power we hold as a race and spreading love amongst all,” he contends. “My music is filled with emotion and pain.”

“Hold On My People” is the debut single from his latest project Back To One. Set to drop this Fall, the project is composed of multiple singles, instead of one album. Following the release of “Hold On My People,” RedLyte will be releasing follow-up single “Worries.”