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Hi, my name is Tazia (Pronounced “Tasia” like Fan’Tasia’ the singer). I’m 20 years old and I’m a college student studying to be a clinical psychologist. Music has always been my passion; I come from an immediate family of dancers, singers, poets, rappers/lyricists.

“4:30AM” was written after I went through a breakup. I really wanted to explain all of the feelings that I felt at the time. From the beginning (“I hate loosing the lighter more than I hate losing friends”), you learn that i don’t really like to talk to anybody about the things that I’m going through, I was getting high. I don’t recommend/support that coping method in any way,shape or form!

It explained my feeling of thinking I would never be able to leave him “Either im on voodoo or you got me sipping potions cause I can’t explain this feeling I just want you closer, even though you do me dirty i still wnt you to come over. ” I really felt like no matter what he did I couldn’t leave him.

Then the second verse you can really see how he took me not wanting to leave and fix everything to his advantage. “I’m settling, I know I deserve better than this S***, say you love me then give me your a** to kiss, f*** all those girl that’s in you messages.” I knew this wasn’t gonna work at this point because he was beginning to be more and more disrespectful, more mean, giving me more of the feeling that he didn’t care whether I left or stayed. That last part about the messages is self explainatory I think. He was texting other women, going on dates with other women, I’m pretty sure he was doing way more, but those are the only things that I knew he was doing for sure!

The chorus, I wasn’t talking about anyone specific. I just wanted someone to play “captain save ’em” and comfort me because I was really hurt at the time. I don’t wanna love you because look where i got me, I don’t want to trust you cause look where I am right now for putting my trust in someone, I just don’t wanna be alone right now. – Tazia