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Born and Raised on the West side of San Antonio, TX.  Growing up I listened to Gucci mane, & Drake, I wanna say those are my main inspirations, but now with this whole new generation, I added a boogie with a hoodie, pnb rock, & the migos.    I got into music as a kid, it started from my family just having all these get togethers from dancing to Spanish music, just hearing the bass in songs how bands, artists put instruments and vocals together to create a song just blew my mind away, as I got older I got introduced to the new music era and I just got more motivated as telling myself I know I can make songs like all these other main stream artists. Now that i’m signed with Smash Records Entertainment I know big things are going to happen!

5 years from I wanna see myself with a HUGE fan base, living GREAT having no worries bout bills, payments, I wanna take my mom and my little sister out the hood and make sure there well taken care of. I wanna see myself driving in my dream car, just relaxing in my mansion doing whatever I want.

Instagram@jesusthetruthh – @smashrecordsmusic
Twitter@Jesse_TheTruthh – @smashrecordsENT