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B. Howard  is irrefutably creating the hottest sounds in today’s new generation of music. His talents of percussion and piano, smooth vocal ,along with his ability to combine old school and new school music, gains him national and international recognition. “B. Howard” as he is known in the industry, is successfully establishing himself as a highly respected producer, songwriter and artist.

Though B. Howard is just making his mark on U.S airwaves, he is no stranger to success. Through 6 Point’s deal with Universal Records Japan, B. Howard’s heavily anticipated debut album, “Genesis” was released in the Summer 2010 to critical and commercial success. Howard is blessed to have worked with a wide range of mainstream artists. The long list includes U.S. artists such as Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Missy Elliott, Ciara, Jason Derulo, Trey Songz, Vanessa Hudgens, Jay Sean, and Lupe Fiasco. The list also includes International acts such as Wind-z, Japanese Pop Diva Koda Kumi, Risa Hirako, K-Pop sensation Jay Park, and Nigerian recording act 2face Idibia. A pivotal step in B. Howard’s career was his production of “Ke Nako” a song featured on the Official World Cup Album and released globally through Sony Music and more importantly, marked his official debut as a recording artist. B. Howard is indeed making himself a pathway to true worldwide iconic status.

Currently, B. Howard is working on his U.S debut project

B. Howard is an accomplished musician, producer and songwriter of some of the best pop songs on the airwaves. He was raised in a pop culture world in a home filled with musicians and found that this was to be his calling also. He has worked with artists who include but is not limited to Marques Houston, Bow Wow, Omarion, Wyclef Jean, Missy Elliott, Clara, Jason Derulo, Trey Songz, Venessa Hudgens, Jay Sean and Lupe Fiasco. One of many highlights in B. Howard’s career is his production of “Ke Nako”, a song featured on the Official World Cup Album and released globally through Sony Music. It also solidified his official debut as a recording artist.

B. Howard’s writing style is smooth pop with a touch of rock and is interpreted differently with each individual artist that he collaborates with. Each artist brings a bit of their own life into the recording of his songs which gives it depth and a distinct sound. B. Howard himself has taken that step to record his own material. Though he has an obvious influence from The Jacksons and Miki Howard, he has spent years perfecting his craft through hard work and dedication to vocal, choreography, songwriting and production. His fusion of hot club beats blend beautifully with his melodic pop structure giving a new refreshing sound to his music. Whether the song takes on a R & B rhythm, or a dance beat, B. Howard has your full attention from his very first note.

B. Howard’s first CD “Genesis” was released in Japan and received critical success. His latest single “I Do It” signifies doing the best in everything that you do, whether it’s on stage, in life, in bed, etc…It is truly a fun provocative romp with a party feel delivered courtesy of one of the best beats around. It’s a catchy song that you’ll find yourself singing all day long.

B. Howard’s music is filled with melodic masterpieces that ticks to a rhythmic back beat and delivered in style. His versatility is as changeable as the winds capturing the essence of his emotions, natural creative processes and the life that surrounds him every single day. Fans are eager to see him in his full regalia, on stage, mic in hand delivering some of the best performances ever seen. This is B. Howard, a master entertainer.

Accolades and Accomplishments include:
Sold out 4 shows at the Blue Note Tokyo/Osaka
Played to sold out audiences in CampZama and Nagoya
Is the #1 requested International Artist
He is in the Top 20 on Japan’s MTV
Produced his first Artistic Debut on Fifa World Cup Song “Kenako” (B. Howard, Wyclef Jean, Jasmine Sullivan, J Pre) with Nelson Mandela’s blessing (Sony Music)
Feature Koda Kumi JP (“Passing By”)
Duet with 2Face Idibia – Nigeria (“Fly”)
Duet and Fuji TV Performance with Risa Hiraku – Tokyo (“Freedom”)
Feature with Jay Park – Korea (“Demon”)
Simply Margaret – sold out performance 1500 – Hong Kong
Henderson Pavilion Performance Lili Claire Foundation – U.S.
Sold out Grammy Weekend performance with The Roots at Music Box – U.S.
Single “Don’t Say You Love Me” hit number 11 on Billboard’s Top Dance charts