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“Ministry on the Mic” is a Christian Rap/ Hiphop song written by Daniel Evans. The song was made to share that Rapping is His Ministry, and also to share that whatever you do could be your ministry like you job doctor lawyer, or your talent (basketball, football, etc can or whatever you do can be your Ministry.

“Hope for the World” is another song written by Daniel Evans, it’s a crossover between Christian Rap and Christian rock to let you know that no matter what you’re going through in this world there is hope in this life ,and life Eternal./ Hope for the world made 31 ranking on stellar nominated internet station New praise Radio in 2016 ,and in November of 2023 Daniel Evans song Hope For The World won Inspirational song of the year with WVIU web radio, and The Hope For The World Video also won Inspirational video of the year at The EFN Tv awards November 2023.