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Formerly known as Tha Madd Scientist, Dr. B began his deejay career as a turntablist. After much success in Montreal, Dr. B decided to pursue music full time and move to New York City. In the early 2003, Dr. B began to work with super producers Cool & Dre, Tony Touch, Boogie Blind (USA Champion), Swizz Beatz and reggae sensation Elephant Man. Although he has found success in Hip Hop, his true love has always been the world of Chamber & Opera music. In the spring of 2021, Dr. B began working on his debut album, “The Mother Of Dragons”. Inspired by the TV show “Game Of Thrones”, the visual album tells the story of the Dragon Queen & her quest to conquer all the Ten Kingdoms. Aries, once an ally to the Dragon Queen, now has his own plans as he starts a new war in Olympus. The audience is meant to enjoy original stunning Chamber/Opera
music while viewing the storyboards with special effects which will enhance the story even further.

“I grew up physically and mentally abused, mostly by my mother. At bedtime, I used to listen to Chamber music every night and it really calmed me down. Most of the opera was in Italian, so I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but I used to close my eyes and dream about what I thought the story was. I’ve told a lot of stories through EDM music and graphic novels, but I felt this story needed to be told in a more dramatic way. I felt Chamber and Opera music was the best genre to tell this story.” The Mother Of Dragons visual album is set to be released in February 2022.

While working on his debut album, Dr. B is also a full time University student studying Forensic Psychology. He has also been very busy in the world of EDM, releasing over 50 singles in less than 2 years! Currently at over 8,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, his new song “Shut Down” has just surpassed 30,000 streams! With fans from North America to Asia to Europe, the Dr. B tour “The Mother Of Dragons” is going to start in late 2022.

Tune in here to Global Urban Radio to hear 2 of his new singles “CMO” featuring Elephant Man and “Dreaming of You” in rotation,