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Midwest-based recording artist, Evereade (pronounced “ever ready”) was raised in Ohio but grew up in Florida. He began writing lyrics at the age of 9 and released his first full project in December 2018. At the age of 20 he packed a bag and hit the road without knowing where he would end up.

“Everyone and everything I knew was back in Ohio but I refused to let that stop me. After many new friends, life changing memories, and hard learned lessons I came back to Akron and started taking my music career seriously.”

In 2019 Evereade expanded his artistry and began doing stand up comedy. He continues to write lyrics and create hilarious video content on his social media.

Welcome to the adventure.

Evereade’s single “Yesterday” is a song about wanting to party like he used to when life was more care free. You can’t go back to yesterday but Evereade can help you recapture that feeling.

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