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Atlanta’s Legend Hitman Sammy Sam is on the move. Know from his Hit single Step Daddy he is back with a all new sound from his single Titled Bruce Lee produced by V12, presented by the Label HBN ent Hustlers By Nature ent.

About Hitman Sammy Sam
Southern hip-hop artist, Hitman Sammy Sam, has spent his whole life immersed in music. From his 2003 hit ‘Step Daddy’ to his upcoming releases, Hitman Sammy Sam, real name Sammy King Jr, has made a name for himself in the hip-hop world.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Hitman Sammy Sam has always had the courage and self-belief to go far. His supportive network of family and friends gave him the strength and motivation to pursue his dreams, and it was his Auntie Eunice Smith, in particular, who really helped bring Hitman Sammy Sam’s music to life, after supporting him with her hard-earned money. Her belief in his talent kept Hitman Sammy Sam focused and ambitious, ready to take on the world.

The catalyst for his career began when Run DMC played a show in Atlanta. At this point, Hitman Sammy Sam had yet to explore his rapping abilities but was captivated by Run DMC’s performance. As he stood in the crowd waving his arms in the air relishing every moment, that was when Hitman Sammy Sam knew he was going to chase his dreams and become a star.

He started by releasing songs such as ‘Intoxicated’ and ‘Last Man Standing’ before releasing ‘Step Daddy,’ a single that would head straight to the charts in 2003. The track struck success with its humorous approach to how stepfathers get no love, and the song became popular, particularly throughout the South. This release would lead to a record deal with Universal Records, who signed Hitman Sammy Sam and later released his debut album ‘The Step Daddy.’

Over the years, Hitman Sammy Sam has continued releasing music, and now, as a member of HBN Entertainment, he is set to release his latest album, ‘The Last Contract.’ The lead single ‘Brucelee’ lends itself to slick, contemporary production, thanks to V12 who provided the beats and features Greensocks, JreGas, and SteadyGrip. Having spent three decades making music and honing his craft, Hitman Sammy Sam is confident this could be some of his best work yet.