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IAmSmooth_ is a New York native from Mount Vernon, where he gives credit to his musical start. IAmSmooth started as a manager with a couple of local talent, one of those local talents being Marridon or Marridon1Link known on social media who has gained some local buzz. From assisting artist with game plans for their aspiring careers, to helping create in the studio.
IAmSmooth_ has helped manage social media influencers build their brands and social media presence. One notable influencer would be Javen Elizabeth, @javenelizabeth7 on TikTok with 53k followers. IAmSmooth_ worked alongside the mental health advocate for BPD Javen Elizabeth on her recent brand deal campaign with DKNY for mental health awareness back in October (10/10/22). So nonetheless IAmSmooth_ was doing well in management before taking the reins himself as a musician.