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Looks, charm, knowledge, creativity, wisdom, faith and  individuality are all things that are combined to create the  powerful and poetic Iz Watt. Iz is a man with a lot on his mind and who has seen  more than most. Born in the United Kingdom city of  Islington but raised in the concrete jungles of Brooklyn and  Queens, New York Iz has the fighting spirit of a true New  Yorker! Being raised in the city of dreams and grind has  given Iz all the necessary skills to fight his way to the  top. He knows what work really is and what needs to be  done to get to where one wants to be. From his life  experiences he decided to jump on a path of art, creativity  and words. Iz is a member of the Hip Hop Soul Group, X  Black Superhero’s. With the group he explores the  different ways to challenge the limits of  collaboration between art, music, life and words.  Iz tries to take reality and present it to the  world in a way that will captivate and shock, all  while instilling knowledge and understanding. He  has perfected the craft of edutainment. 

Iz has been in performance for 15 years. He has  performed at places such as CBCG, S.O.B.’s,  Brooklyn Exposure, Apollo Theater and the Afrikan Poetry Theater just to name a few. Though  he has be blessed to grace such amazing stages  he still wishes to perform in Africa, Madison  Square Garden and Webster Hall. Iz has performed in showcase such as Moasa  where he captivated the audience with his  powerful words and need for greatness. He grips  the audiences minds and brings them on a trip  through his reality. Besides live performances  Iz is a recording artist with a style all his own.  Smooth rhythms and an aromatic voice tells a  story that can only be created by the mind of Iz. As a rule of life strongly believes that it is  “Better to be humble, Than be humbled”. And with this  understanding he does in deed live a very humble life.  Never treating others as if they are beneath him and always  looking for a way to make a change in the world around  him, Iz is truly the picture of humility. Iz has a dream  to open a community performance space. With the space  he plans to take what he loves and extend it to his  immediate community. 
Iz is so much more than an artist. He is a visionary, a  storyteller, a leader, a father, and a powerful force ready to  take the world by storm. 

Check out his single about self-destructive behavior in the world “Rain” in rotation now on Global Urban Radio.