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“Your Gift, Your Responsibility”
-Ronald Eley

This is the formula used in every song that Jerrell Sharpe A.K.A J.ReaL uses for every session, every performance, and every opportunity to pour into someone else. J.ReaL has always used music as an outlet for himself, however, once he mad the decision to use his gift to help others, something blossomed. Ever since then, this growth has carried him to great heights and opportunities such as winning awards from the great Shirley Caeser. If you ever asked J.ReaL what his goal is in life with his music he would respond by saying: “This gift was God given, I refused to waste it”. J.ReaL’s Latest Single “Song From Yesterday was released in Feburary 18th, 2022. This record is a smooth song that you can vibe to and is clean for all ears to hear. This song speaks from the heart and true feelings of a man to his woman, ensuring his love

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