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LaTonya Battle’s hot new single “How We Ride” depicts a couple simply riding out casually with no set destination in mind. As they head out in no particular direction, they bond and realize it doesn’t matter where they go, as long as they’re together.

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Armed with a stolen karaoke machine and an obsession to play around with melodies, LaTonya Battle, affectionately known as ‘Lil Country Songbird,’ set out to teach herself how to sing.

Her first musical influences derived from her aunt’s throwback collection of 90’s pop and R&B acts, most notably, Mariah Carey. Feeling like there was more to her gift than just singing, Battle decided to study some of the more iconic lyricists in rap history, by-and-large, Jadakiss.

She literally made a name for herself in all-men cyphers in the DMV area where she grew up, earning the moniker, ‘Battle,’ after unanimously triumphing over her opponents, time and time again. She’s performed live, but her true joy is in ghostwriting.

She’s a pinch of Mariah, a pinch of Jada—and arguably the lone artist who can both hit whistle notes and also spit lyric-heavy, punchline-packed, fire bars. Her unique voice possesses an almost built-in Autotune-like quality. Her satiny, sensual and captivating sound quenches the listeners’ thirst, yet leaves them yearning for more.

LaTonya Battle is often referred to as “the one and only”…and no one dares dispute it.

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