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Billy: Lavale-Walker (LVDABOSS,L.V.), born August 20,1987, is an independent Hip Hop artist native to Austin, Texas most noted for his “Rap N B” music style.

In the Early 2000’s, L.V. was a dedicated member of the Austin, Texas based group UTC Untamed Clique. They went their separate ways in 2004. After the split, L.V. determinedly continued recording independently and continued following his dream of becoming the next rap legend from The South. By virtue of his dedication and talent, L.V. was named Austin’s Featured Artist for KAZI 88.7FM in 2009. As a result of this bestowed position, L.V. performed every week for three months at a popular weekly East Austin Hip-Hop concert event known as Jump on It. L.V.’s plan for developing his career is to continue to be dedicated, remain humble, and work diligently on his future endeavors. Currently L.V. has an upcoming EP entitled Big Dreams and Weed Leafs. His song “Just Gas” can be purchased on Itunes, Google Play Music, and Spotify L.V.

Earl: Langham-Jr ( Boygenius) born November 22 1973, Native of the Tribe of the Mississippian, in Moss Point, Mississippi, who later in his early teen years move to Austin Texas is where his mother side of family dominical. Earl Langham Jr became inspired of the Texas Entertainment scene that he started learning about the business from his cousin Spencer Aldridge in Houston Texas, who was an extra location casting director who work on such films, Dream Girls, The Postmen, Salena under Gregory Nava, The Great Debaters, Lend Belly under the director of Gordon Parks, Benjamin Button just to name a few. Spencer also taught Earl Langham Jr, about the Music business. Spencer brought Earl along with him on shows and behind the scene and told Earl to watch what going on around him and study the business. Earl helped his cousin Spencer on projects when he works with lil Flip out of Houston Texas. Earl got to meet a lot of the Big Major Independent artist out of Houston Texas, such as Z ro, Trae da Truth, Lil KEKE, Hawk, (R.I.P.) and Moe (R.I.P.), Street Military, D. and many others. What Earl, learn from these big, name is that, if you work hard at your craft, you will earn the respect of the streets which will become your fans. This when Earl became an artist and took on the name Boygenius. Earl and Lvdaboss still currently working and perform together. Lvdaboss and Boygenius isn’t new to the stage, and are currently working on a new Album. They have already put a song call For, The Summer which can be found on Youtube, Google Play Music, and Spotify. The Album is call Back to Grinding.

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