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For Mainey, music is about destiny, believing that this is truly what he was made for. Oklahoma City Native Mainey is taking inspiration from the golden 90’s era of music, Mainey clearly has a knack for bringing the old school into the modern-day industry, with nostalgic lyricism, smooth flow and the ability to make a hit out of anything he works on. His latest releases also feature a number of stunning visual accompaniments demonstrating his natural confidence and onscreen charisma. Mainey is easily one of the most exciting talents within the scene, mesmerizing old and new listeners with mesmerizing individuality and artistic expression. Currently working on a number of highly anticipated projects. With his popularity growing with each new record, the future looks bright for this undeniable talent.

He has a few songs currently in rotation, Hunid Foot Ladder, “The Jacka”, and “Traffic”.

The Jacka” featuring N Doe is paying homage to Pittsburgh California rap artist…The Jacka of The Mob Figaz that passed away a few years back.

Traffic” is a motivational track about hitting the streets and making it count, rather working a job or hustling to make ends meet with the thought of God in mind of course.

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