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Harlem’s own Scorch is back with a new Banger for the summer streets, “Pocketful”. Pocketful is a powerful single about a night out on the town cutting loose with your boys and not being afraid to blow a little money doing it.

Scorch is an underground music artist with mainstream notoriety in Hip Hop, R&B, Jamaican, and Pop music genres. Scorch first became interested in music watching his father Steve Brown of the world famous “Charts” practice in his three bedroom apartment in Harlem, New York. It was there Scorch’s passion and love for music transcended to levels of new heights. He then began writing song lyrics at the age of seven a clear indication that he had in fact inherited his fathers traits in music. As a child Scorch would spend hours creating music and performing various songs in front of his family members, cousins, brothers and sisters.

As Scorch’s talent grew so did his passion for music. He then began performing in front of his friends near the Kingdom courts located in Martin Luther King Tower in Harlem, New York. There he would literally freestyle for hours mastering his skills as an MC. In 2005 Scorch got his first of many gigs when he relocated to Yuma, Arizona. Scorch started Opening for venues performing at the Glenn Dale Arena, Battle of the Bands, Cineplex and Opening up for rapper Mac 10 in Mexicali just to name a few.

Scorch has since relocated back to New York City continuing on his music path to become the greatest Hip Hop Artist this world has ever seen. Scorch’s past works include partaking in Obama presidential campaign, performing at various fund raising venues, Faces in the Crowd, S.O.B’s Up Next BET, Hudson Yard Concert series and special performances at Boost Mobile Booth, Dame Grease Studios, Ruff Ryder Studios, Shirley’s Lounge, SNS 308 and a plethora of different concert venues and performances. Scorch is set to release his newest single Pocketful this summer of 2020 and begin the next chapter in his monumental musical journey.

Listen to the single above on Spotify but click here to listen on other platforms.