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Singer/Songwriter, Keyboardist, Saxophonist, Producer, Composer, Remixer and Actor, Tony Carlucci was born and raised in NewJersey and has been creating music since the age of 3. When you delve a little more into Tony Carlucci’s background, you can see that he boasts a wide range of credentials, not only in music but other artistic avenues too; this surely accounts to his impressive ability to create his own music productions, and sound. Tony’s wide range musical genre covers Electronic Trance/Dance music – all the way to – Jazz/Swing music and much more..

Written, Arranged, Composed,Performed and Produced by TONY CARLUCCI
This is a Fun Party Mix Song. It also features energetic, smooth, clear and inspired vocals by ROSANNA CARLUCCI. **This cool song was remixed into an alluring Boom Boom Booty Shaking Reggaeton Style – for all Dancers to Enjoy. Added Percussion and a Driving Reggaeton Booty Shaking Beat to Ignite the Dancefloor and Stimulate the Senses. This song has a Sexy Miami South Beach Vibe happening. It has a smooth Tropical Touch combined with a Penetrating Boom Boom Booty Shaking Reggaeton Beat to help you Get Your Sexy On and Move Your Hips.

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