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Trey W. aka WHD TIGER T is from Rockland County, NY but currently resides in Charlotte NC. His music style is multi-faceted,

I like to show my versatility in my music. I have an upcoming project coming out Feb. 2nd called “WHATS THE WORD!?”, and this project shows my lyrical ability and ability to spit bars on “boom bap” type beats as well as east coast style beats. I would like to bring back lyricism, punchlines, and meaningful content in my music and I know I have songs that anybody can enjoy.

Check out 2 of his singles playing now on Global Urban Radio.

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“Party on Party”, is about having a good time at a party or other social function, their is witty bars and an energetic up-tempo east coast style beat and catchy flow that everybody who wants to have a good time can enjoy.

“Sessions”, This song is a slower tempo song pretty much talking about my personal experiences but also mentioning things that go on around the world that impact us from impoverished neighborhoods. It is a dope modern boom bap throwback type beat, with a slow precise flow where you can understand every single word I say as I rhyme about different topics throughout the song.