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22 year old fallen rap legend, WheresHidden?, passed away on March 31, 2023 right before the release of his “Purple” EP, which is now available on all streaming platforms. Before he passed away, he was in the middle of filming his music video for his single “How Do I.” Unfortunately, he passed away before completing this video, and the label had to completely change the ending of this video. Hidden began rapping since a young teen, and had an incredible talent for hip-hop and music production. He produced many of his tracks including the “No Games” ft. Asia Sky song. He leaves behind a family and two small children. His record label plans to release more posthumous music release, because through his music he lives forever.

WheresHidden? – “How Do I”
A fun hip-hop track with a loving vibe. The official music video for “How Do I” will be released June 2023. You can find more info about the release on WheresHidden?’s recording label’s instagram @bluedreammg .

WheresHidden? – “No Games” ft. Asia Sky
Is a melodic, soulful hip-hop track with heavenly vocals featuring singer Asia Sky