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AKA GLK.. AKA (AO THE FAMOUS). Born in California came to Houston, Texas at the age of 8, grew up in the 6.Hwy 6 between Clay and 290 far back as Fry Rd. Been in music since the age of 15.I started producing music at the age of 15, went back to California at the age of 19 to pursue a music career in music. Shortly after arriving in California I got a record deal. Continue to do music in California until 2000.

My musical influence, I must say was the great 2Pac. Being that I grew up listening to him, and Nas, Slick Rick and Dr.Dre mainly because of my producer side.


( AKA D-RHYMS ) a Houston Native by the way of Dayton, Ohio. D-Rhyms has a unique lyrical style with a taste of storytelling based on true stories. He music roots go back to the beginning of HIP-HOP as we know it. Some of D-Rhyms musical influences are Tupac, LL Cool J, RUN-DMC, Scarface, E40, Ludacris, TI and Krs1.

D-Rhyms has also featured on an array compilations and mix tapes over the years, He featured on Invisible Existence v1 and v2, Invasion, Street Money v1 and v2 and the list goes on. D-Rhyms has unique style of entertaining. He is has a variety of skill sets which helps him in the recording, songwriting and the performance process.

D-Rhyms has also performed at many local events and shows for upcoming artist in Houston, TX. His stage shows are full of energy; as he keeps the crowd into the show from start to finish. D-Rhyms is studio tested and performance approved. D-Rhyms has a professional work ethic; team player and he strive to exceed expectations.

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