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24-year-old Washington D.C. native Fredo “Foleone” Coleman was born in the Carver Terrace Apartments, NE Washington D.C. Growing up, he faced hardships such as foster care group homes. His mother was addicted to crack cocaine, too busy chasing her highs. His father was married and had his own family. He was constantly in trouble and fighting with other kids, one leading up to his arrest in 2011. He was later charged with armed robbery in 2012, leading to his DYRS commitment. Until 21, he was sent to Newport News Behavioral Health Center to serve 14 months, only to be released, charged and convicted as an adult for assault with intent to kill and robbery. While incarcerated on a 60-month federal bid, he discovered a hidden music talent. He would go on to do shows on the compound during “Homie Day,” a day where D.C. inmates celebrate D.C. culture in the prison system. He was released in 2019 and later went on to collab with buzzing artists such as Drugrixh Peso, Flow 187, Bala Ortiz and JG Whop. He has 100K total streams and is a natural born star.

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Instagram: @_priceofloyalty