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Gianluca Gallo will make us all dance with his new single “Bailando Mambo”, already available for radio stations,
digital sales and streaming platforms. We return to talk about the talent of Gianluca Gallo thanks to the song
“Bailando Mambo”, with which the Latin rhythms explode with the goal of making the audience dance more and

With a great deal of experience and keeping success on his side, Gianluca Gallo again shares with his audience
all the potential that he possesses even if today it is the Latin rhythms a to highlight his voice and his charisma.
Thanks to his one hundred percent danceable song entitled “Bailando Mambo”, where he shares his talent with
that of Lydia Breska, an excellent singer who, with her vocal timbre, gives this proposal a feminine touch for
make it even more desirable to the auditory sense.

“Bailando Mambo” is a song that invites the movement of the body from the very first notes, a story that is told in
two languages, trying to conquer not only the auditory sense of Gianluca Gallo’s faithful followers but also of that
Latin audience that he loves the contagious pace and the search for proposals imbued with quality and talent.
This 2021 is the ideal time for this new one one hundred percent danceable proposal, full of a lot of Latin rhythm
and of the quality and talent that have characterized his career by Gianluca Gallo, an artist who from a very
young age showed his musical skills and which led him to be a great figure not only in his native Italy but also in
other countries where the public dances and enjoys his musical proposals.

Gianluca Gallo was born in Agrigento in 1974, he began playing the guitar when he was only 12 years old. At 13
he passes his exams and enters the Superior Conservatory of Music of Palermo, and at the age of 16 he formed
his first Rock group, without neglecting his studies at Conservatory.

In the meantime he begins to compose and sing rock style songs in Italian and after sending auditions to
various entertainment agencies, is called to perform at the concert of some singers such as Francesco Baccini,
Luca Barbarossa, Andrea Mingardi, Los Locos.

In 1998 he recorded the single “Quanto Tempo” and it is thanks to this song that he had great success success
in Sicily and southern Italy, reaching a multitude of radio stations, for this Gianluca was called as a guest in
various events in the square and also participated as a presenter in various programs televisions.
In 1999 he began his Tour with 7 dates in the Sicilian squares, with Pop Rock songs written by himself, obtaining
great public favor and reaching an audience of 5,000 people in some places. In 2001 his was finally released
first CD single entitled “Un tuffo al Mare”, a playful single out of the rules, with an electro-pop-Latin style, and this
time another tour starts with 10 dates.

In 2007 he released a new single “È Tardi … Arrivederci” which gives Gianluca a moderate success in Italy, first
through a television commercial that uses the song and then through more than 400 radios national teams
broadcasting the song. In 2020 comes “Susanna”, a remake of the popular song of the same title, which has
received more than 2 million views on YouTube, more than 1 million views on Spotify, appeared in more than 50
US and European magazines.

He has also managed to play on more than 1500 radios around the world and 1 month of broadcasting on MTV
USA. On May 13, 2021 Gianluca released his new single “Bailando Mambo”, now available on all digital
platforms. This is a new proposal by the artist to brighten up this period that is being experienced all over the
world and that it is necessary for so many people, looking for a quality proposition in music that is the perfect
excuse to start dance and have fun, then… All to dance the mambo!