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J-Props is an emerging hip hop artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He began writing lyrics ten years ago after he realized that his words were much more powerful than just a collection of poetry. This was the beginning of a meaningful relationship that J-Props swears to live by as he transforms his powerful words into a work of art.

The music constitutes an interesting dictionary that appeals to a wide part of the audience. Coupled with this, the unique flow and impeccable delivery of this artist’s music has made for the creation of a beautiful addition to the genre. J-Props’ music is far from superficial as it consists of matter that is thoroughly researched. His collection is available on Voice My Weapon Productions.

J-Props has a wide variety of genres included in his music, such as traditional hip hop, hardcore rap, freestyle hip hop/rap, industrial rock, indie rock, metal, R&B, House, and Club. Glimpses of these genres present in his music make his taste extremely versatile. Due to this, his music is appealing to people with different tastes in music.

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