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Award-winning rapper and activist Jass Bianchi refuses to define her success through objectifying herself. Instead, she continues to redefine the existing gender roles in hip-hop.

In her new song, One of the Boys, she raps “I was dressed for the occasion, church on Sunday, everyone loves little Caitlin. Blonde hair and blue eyes, though deep inside I’d just rather try some suits and some ties.”

When asked what inspired the song, Bianchi replied:

“I wanted to capture what I was feeling like a little girl. As I was growing up, I didn’t feel like most girls I saw on TV and in the movies or even those who surrounded me. I didn’t want to play dress up. I wanted to play soccer, and basketball.” As a testament to her beliefs and her desire to stay true to herself, the single’s artwork displays the back of a young girl’s uniform with the name Martin on the back. That is Jass Bianchi, her birth name Caitlin Martin.

“This song is not just about female empowerment, it’s also for all others who are expected to fit a mold that they don’t want to fit into. It’s for the trans community, for the lawyer turned plumber, or the hustler turned banker.”

Leading industry innovators in both music and film have recognized her success. In April 2019, Bianchi was flown out to LA to perform “One of the Boys” where she was honored with a “Best Artist” award at the Artemis Women In Action Film Festival. Amongst the award recipients, were fellow trailblazers; Glee Actress Dot-Marie Jones, Fast & the Furious actress Levy Tran, Daniela Ruah of NCIS and Kimberly Peirce, the Director of acclaimed cable shows The L Word & Dear White People.

Radio programmers say the message behind “One of the Boys” is fierce and infectious, with the melodic piano riffs and soulful vocals capturing the positive message that 2019 Hip-Hop & Rap Radio should support. 

“Jass Bianchi is the real deal and brings a breath of fresh air. She makes no apology about herself. Period!”

Bryan Corbitt of KISS 104.7 FM Radio

In honor of Gay Pride 2019, “One of the Boys” released on June 8th 2019 through I-Tunes, Spotify, and YouTube. Please visit for further information.