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Overcoming hardships to make his dreams in the industry a reality, Kasinova The Don is about to release even more music of substance with fellow dope artist, KOTROF15.

Antwan Garner of Newark, NJ came up in the rough environment of Brick City. Experiencing dark moments trying to make it out his circumstances, hip hop icons like the late, 2pac was often his therapy. As he grew and established a life in Atlanta, GA, his stage name, Kasinova The Don was often talked about due to his style of rap reflective of the passion and emotion of 2pac. His music was a light to fans enduring depression and hopelessness, and a treasure in a culture that was losing the meaning of true hip hop. Kasinova The Don’s music was inspired by life, creating songs able to touch the soul.

Releasing noteworthy cuts like his heartfelt single and video titled, ”Wasn’t Enough” along with dope songs with goats like the late, Hussien Fatal of Outlawz, Kasinova The Don developed into an artist loved by fans. With a vision to fill the void making hip hop once again an expression of self, he has enlisted the talents of dope artists like KOTROF15. Once the news of their collaboration for “The Whole Truth Remix” went public, fans have been unable to contain their excitement for what’s to come. Kasinova The Don later sent shockwaves with his admission to digging even deeper within himself with the coming collaboration alongside KOTROF15 to give something that places substance at the forefront of his creativity.

Fans can look forward to feeling every emotion within releases soon to arrive on streaming platforms. Kasinova The Don is beyond the definition of any category and with KOTROF15 who also has an amazing album on the way, their collaboration for “The Whole Truth Remix” is sure to live up to the hype. Their synergy on the track will be ready for all to hear on all streaming platforms this Friday. Get ready to check out the song to have the industry at the edge of its seat.

“Wasn’t Enough”:
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