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King Aamira Shakur, formerly known as Slayer Tha G, is a musical powerhouse, a skilled songwriter, and the undisputed hip-hop monarch. His unique sound is the embodiment of talent, hard work, and perseverance, as he continually seeks to create some of the most independent music you will ever hear, all wrapped up in his dynamic experiences and perspectives. Blending intellectual wordplay with modern influences, his creative repertoire traverses diverse styles to deliver a vibe that is both street-smart and life-wise. Originally from St. Louis, King Aamira Shakur’s passion for music became his lifeline as he navigated through certain street hardships that caused his profession to stall. At the age of 15, he went on to become the victor in a school rap battle, but it wasn’t until years later that he would realize his dream, guided by the belief that one must utilize their gift to fulfill their destiny on this earth. Fast forward to the present, and he is focused on building a music legacy that inspires, empowers, and entertains not just locally but also globally.

King Aamira Shakur comes from a rich musical background, having been raised in a house full of singers and performers. Saturday morning cleanups saw his mom playing temptations in the form of all types of hip-hop. King Aamira began writing lyrics at a young age, initially verbally expressing what he wrote before transitioning to rapping his thoughts, feelings, and life stories. His craft is an authentic cocktail of rhythmic melodies, raw energy, and emotive expressions as he covers various issues, from urban streets and today’s politics to unmasking the layers of love.

Some of his accomplishments include being part of the Bentley Records Legends Chronicles 1.0 celebrity compilation album, his song titled “Rhyme Related”. Another accomplishment song title “I’m A Savage” reaching No. 2 on, and multiple releases including Superbad, Pablo Escobar, and Lean Her Over, among others, all under his previous underground name Slayer Tha G.

He has also released several singles under his new name, King Aamira Shakur, with his latest release titled Ordinary Love featuring Dajerae, and the next one will include the late Pop Smoke. Moreover, he was recently featured on,,, and for his song Ordinary Love. Drawing inspiration from the late James Brown, he seeks to connect with people through this universal language.

Listen to “Ordinary Love” below and follow @king_aamira_shakur on Instagram