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During the tormented times of 2020, a fresh, new voice in hip-hop emerged from the projects of Richmond, VA. And his name is King Delt. Over the past months, he burst onto the seen with a flurry of hard-knock singles. Garnering more than a half-million collective YouTube views of his videos, King Delt is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after breakthrough artists.

Continuing his steady stride to the top, King Delt recently released his much-anticipateddebut album Mr. Goat to rave reviews. The album’s “Intro”video has already received more than 50,000 views since its release only a few shorts weeks ago. And he is coming right back with follow-up single and video to the semi-autobiographical single “Mr. Slick.”

Over a mid-tempo, bass-heavy track, Delt explains how he came up from the mud with his hustle and doesn’t plan on letting up any time soon.