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Maeesha B., from Ottawa, Canada, is a prodigious artist recognized for her singing and rapping talents since age 13. Beginning her musical journey at six and setting her sights on a professional career by 11, her artistry is enriched by her French heritage, blending diverse influences and styles. Already making an impact in her teens, Maeesha placed third in Music Jeunesse in Quebec and has impressed audiences at the Black History Month gala and the Boys Of Summer tour. She has collaborated with celebrity vocal coach Shaun Royer and is currently working with producer Roy Hamilton on her debut solo project. Beyond music, Maeesha is dedicated to charity, often supported by her family, and is deeply committed to education and global charitable endeavors. She is a rising star with vision and maturity.

The song “Be with You” revolves around a relationship facing conflicts and ups and downs. Despite the fights and challenges, there’s a strong desire to make things right and stay together. It emphasizes the importance of communication, expressing love, and the willingness to overcome obstacles for the sake of the relationship’s happiness and longevity.