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Michelle Noga is a singer, songwriter and producer of her own music. Born and raised in Israel, where there isn’t much of the genre of her choice, she always gravitated towards R&B/Soul, and was “especially drawn to sad songs that tell a story”. Coming from a musical family, she always had a natural singing ability and grew up singing, performing and playing the guitar, till she also started writing and producing her own original music a few years back. In her authentic and vulnerable lyrics that come from real life experiences and things she’s been through, she’s talking mostly about relationships and personal, emotional battles. In her songs, you can hear her soft and crisp vocals alongside her tight riffs and runs which she “loves to do the most”. Her biggest inspirations go from Stevie Wonder to more current artists like H.E.R., Tori Kelly and Jhené Aiko.

Michelle’s newest single Runnin’ Away is playing Now on Global Urban Radio.

Michelle Noga – “Runnin’ Away”
This song was written, composed, produced and mixed by Singer-Songwriter: Michelle Noga.
It’s giving chill and mellow vibes with a Rap verse, some sweet, sexy vocals and lots of riffs & runs.

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