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Nichel MOLIAE‘s newest single “Kingship” is another experimental and inspiring hip-hop track, featuring rap artist Chris Jenkins. The song creates soothing catching beat as in the Caribbean, a relaxing reflection by a King rulership taking concept of NM focus on rulers of Ancient Egypt into a laid-back rap flow complemented by R&B style melodic harmonious vocals by Nichel while the rap explores inner thought of worth & purpose for real Kings. It will be promoted on social media, podcast, 50K DJs worldwide.

The Kingship song is a part of the anticipated album that is arranged for an inspiring melody of musical tones, beats, hip-hop, rap, and harmonies taking you back in time to rulership days forward moving to know…to remember the leader in you King. Lyrics and song arranged by Nichel MOLIAE impressive takes the listener on a journey of connecting the memories to uplift, aspire, and take the needed action of what a king does for himself and his family. Kingship song offers the remembrance of self-worth while teaching that on the journey of discovery you can always find yourself again within you ability to keep moving forward.

Of this, song, Kingship, is a part of the an extension of the with the collection of PMTR of stories now into lyric formation of creativity of music. The remix only available on official website of artist; Nichel MOLIAE.