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Recording Artist Ricardo Redd has released a new single called “All For One” – a powerful and inspirational record that will touch your heart and soul.

Ricardo, based in Miami, FL, wrote the lyrics and teamed up with hit Music Producer Eddy Beethoven, to compose the melody.

“All For One” is a beautiful composition, filled with heart-warming melodies and incredible lyrics and vocals.

The hit single even debuted at Number One on BMS Radio Chicago’s ‘Urban Fire Chart’, and it is also on rotation across the United States – spinning on 15+ stations!

“All For One” and the “All For One (Dance Mix)” are spinning on radio stations around the world, including in London, Sweden, Greece, Norway, and more.

The hit single is even on the radio in Latin America – via several ‘Radio Para Llevar’ stations.

Listeners can find “All For One” and the “All For One (Dance Mix)” on iHeart Radio, iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, and all digital stores.

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