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The Brunswick, Ga. native now residing in Atlanta, Ga. created a space and lane all by himself before podcasting was really a thing. What started in the apartment of a Lakewood, Ca. residents later would become an internationally known podcast years later!

Rueben Wood has been in the music and entertainment industry for 10 years starting out in 2010 as a journalist and hip hop enthusiast. Creating the SOM brand in 2011 became a focal point for the entrepreneur after a magazine idea, formerly known as Spaced Out Magazine, was published. “Doing most interviews during that time via call in recorded audio or video interviews, wasn’t called doing a podcast, it was just an interview in a specific format,” says Rueben.

The podcast industry has changed over the years with the ever growing market of Hip hop podcasts over saturating the market with marketing techniques and publicity from celebs starting top tier shows to be digested by the masses. But for the up and coming podcasters there’s little room for error if they want to be heard.

Reuben Wood created his podcast SOM Talk Live to be a platform for the creatives, but also a place where people could actually have a conversation and not be pressed for click bait. So how exactly did he bring the chill to hip hop? With a mellow and laid back personality, the media personality creates dialogues that matter while allowing the guests to get it out and relax while doing it!

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