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We’ve all have had or have people in our lives that always find fault with us. ‘Don’t Matter’ is the ultimate dance anthem with a positive message, reminding us to stay true to ourselves!

Joining Shar on her very first collaboration is DSB. A young, talented rapper, vocalist and producer from South Africa.

Raised in Ontario, Canada, Shar is a singer, songwriter, and composer who is inspired by life experiences and the diverse range of music that she was exposed to growing up. With roots in both Jamaican and Canadian culture, Shar’s sound is a blend of reggae, rock, blues, and dance-pop, resulting in a unique and energetic style that is sure to get listeners moving. Shar cites Bob Marley and the Wailers, Elton John, and Prince as some of her earliest musical influences, but her taste in music is diverse, ranging from blues and country to dance and funk. Her goal with her music is to create tracks that people can enjoy and relate to, as well as to provide a sense of positivity and upliftment. In addition to her work as a solo artist, Shar is also known for her other songs which range from blues to dance and cover a wide range of genres. With her versatile talent for crafting catchy and meaningful music, Shar is sure to continue making waves in the music industry. Whether she is performing upbeat dance tracks or soulful blues ballads, Shar’s music always brings an energetic and dancable vibe that is sure to get audiences moving and grooving.

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