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Growing up in a very conservative family, being in a relationship was never a priority. However, being in high school and living in a generation constantly bombarded with media, and other influences, teenagers are experiencing many challenges and obstacles. Often being a voice of reason for her friends, Canadian Singer Tea G flew out to Toronto to put the message of self-love and priority to record with producer Terrance Lam (Kuya Productions).

After writing her last two singles, “SAY” and “LOSING MYSELF” which were about trying to find self love after being mistreated during a relationship; realizing enough if enough. “SAID AND DONE” is an empowering R&B track about standing up for yourself and letting go of that toxic relationship. The song is all about new beginnings. “It’s time to say goodbye, know that I’ll be fine. Move aside if you can’t decide about you and I.” It’s SAID AND DONE.”

Don’t waste your time with someone who does not deserve the amazing person you are and your love…the truth will always set you free.

Tea G Bio
Tea G is a 17-year-old singer/songwriter who does an incredible job at balancing writing and recording great music while maintaining academic excellence. Determined to succeed in all aspects of the music industry, She’s always on the move between writing, recording, vocal lessons with “The Voice” vocal coach, guitar and piano lessons. 
Her 3rd single titled “Said and Done” is produced by multi-platinum award-winning producer and songwriter Terence Lam. Terence is better known for his work with Grammy Award-winning Alessia Cara.  

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