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Dallas-based nu metal band We Are Band Nerds has recently dropped their latest single “Self Care,” featuring rap metal icon Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit and Future Vic. This dynamic track delves into the struggles of self-improvement, showcasing intense lyrics and a haunting beat that immediately captivates listeners. With Durst’s signature gritty vocals, the collaboration pushes boundaries and explores new sonic territories for the band, proving their fearlessness in creating music that resonates deeply with audiences.

“Self Care” serves as a powerful anthem for those who have faced challenges in taking care of themselves, with lyrics that exude motivation and inspiration, characteristic of We Are Band Nerds’ style. The collaboration with the legendary frontman of multi-platinum nu metal band Limp Bizkit adds an extra layer of intensity and authenticity to the song.

We Are Band Nerds is a six-piece rap metal ensemble often described as a fusion of Deftones and Outkast, known for their raw, unapologetic sound and high-energy performances. They have graced the stages of influential music festivals such as Afro Punk and ShipRocked, leaving a lasting impression on audiences. Sharing the spotlight with renowned acts like Halestorm, Asking Alexandria, and Living Colour, the band continues to tour extensively, spreading their unique brand of music and Texas-based artistry across the United States.

With the release of “Self Care” and their collaboration with Fred Durst, We Are Band Nerds reaffirm their commitment to pushing musical boundaries and creating authentic, emotionally charged music that resonates with their dedicated fanbase. This latest single showcases their evolution as artists and reinforces their position as a force to be reckoned with in the nu metal genre.

“Self Care” is available now on all major platforms. Watch the lyric video below now and click here to stream the single here: